Hangover Square

I’m not really sure reading a book about depression and chronic schizophrenia was a great idea when I was quite stressed about finding a job. The nature of the story meant that it stopped and started frequently and I think quite often I just wasn’t in the mood to be reading something so dark and dismal. 

That said, it was a fantastic portrayal of someone who’s battling with an increasingly difficult mental disorder and a dangerous obsession with a girl. I used to live around the Earls Court area so it was particularly nice to know the street names and know which pubs they were boozing in.

I really enjoyed the final third of the book so it’s definitely worth sticking with it if you start it. I must read something light hearted next.


Space And Beyond

Following criticism from book snobs, I decided to read something slightly more highbrow than top ten ranked historical fiction. 

Space and Beyond (3) is a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book which lets you decide the path the story goes in. Now, I’ve never read one of these type of books before but as I understand it, this is the closest you’ll get to a videogame as possible with literature. Each section has a decision and that decision ultimately takes you to different endings.

My first decision during space training was to ‘stay in training’. The book then ended. 

5/5 - A must read.

The Sisters Brothers

I haven’t read any historical fiction before so this style of writing was new and exciting to me. The story follows a pair of brothers who are paid killers and there’s certainly some gruesome scenes. 

Though the writing style was fantastic, I felt there were a few odd choices relating to the timing of character development. This was especially apparent towards the end of the book when I felt rushed into knowing a great deal about a character seconds before he was ‘departed from this here earth’.

Other than that, I’d like a sequel please.


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Clearly I’m weak to teen-fiction.

[No Spoilers] The pacing in this one was much better than the first and the initial third of the book does well to develop characters. I was wary of this being the awkward middle book of the trilogy but it does well to dismiss that assumption. For a fight to the death the first book lacked the aggression and violence that you would kind of expect; this book, while  still obviously teen orientated does address that.

If you’ve come this far there’s no going back. I’m going to read something else then go back to the third book.


The Hunger Games

Toasting the arrival of my Kindle, I decided to read a book aimed undeniably at 14 year old girls. Enjoyable and easy to fly through in a few days.

I liked the world she has created even though it frequently reminded me of The Running Man crossed somehow with The Truman Show. My only two real criticisms of this book is the distinct lack of involvement in the deaths of the other Tributes by Katniss. It also at times felt like the obviousness of other characters emotions should have clicked sooner with her but then, that’s just her character right?

Worth a read 3/5.